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TURKISH JOURNAL of IMMUNOLOGY - Turk J Immunol: 11 (3)
Volume: 11  Issue: 3 - 2023

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Gunnur Deniz
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3.Overview of Autoimmunity: Classification, Disease Mechanisms, and Etiology
Shanti Narayanappa Koppala, Vaishnavi Guruprasad
doi: 10.4274/tji.galenos.2024.13008  Pages 93 - 105

4.In Silico Comparative Expression Analyses of Pattern Recognition Receptors in Human Eosinophil Cell Lines and Primary Eosinophils
Zulal Celik, Edanur Barutcu, Yagmur Ozcelebi, Elif Yaprak Sarac, Ceren Ciraci
doi: 10.4274/tji.galenos.2023.28199  Pages 106 - 116

5.Immunophenotype, Clinical Effect, and Comparison of TNFRSF13B/TACI Mutations: A Single-Center Retrospective Cohort Study of 34 Patients
Esra Cepniler, Emin Abdullayev, Sefika Ilknur Kokcu Karadag, Alisan Yildiran
doi: 10.4274/tji.galenos.2024.32154  Pages 117 - 126

6.NETosis Induced by Serum of Patients with COVID-19 is Reduced with Reparixin or Antibodies Against DEK and IL-8
Irfan Baki Kilic, Acelya Yasar, Irem Yalim Camci, Turkan Guzel, Aysegul Karahasan, Tamer Yagci, Naci Cine, Ayten Kandilci
doi: 10.4274/tji.galenos.2024.74745  Pages 127 - 135

7.Immunohistochemical Approach to Evaluate and Compare the Expression of CD44 in Oral Premalignant Disorders and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma - A Retrospective Study
Swaathi Ravindran, Nandhini Gunasekaran, Amritha James, Tharani Vijayakumar, Rajkumar Krishnan
doi: 10.4274/tji.galenos.2024.38258  Pages 136 - 141

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