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Northwestern Medical Journal
Overview of Autoimmunity: Classification, Disease Mechanisms, and Etiology [Turk J Immunol]
Turk J Immunol. 2023; 11(3): 93-105 | DOI: 10.4274/tji.galenos.2024.13008

Overview of Autoimmunity: Classification, Disease Mechanisms, and Etiology

Shanti Narayanappa Koppala, Vaishnavi Guruprasad
People’s Education Society University, Department of Biotechnology, Bengaluru, India

Autoimmunity and its associated diseases have been the primary area of focus in research in the past decade; however, several mechanisms are still left unclear. Autoimmune diseases are idiopathic and currently, there are hardly any genetic tools available to predict who is at risk of developing them. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, it could be possible to predict the potential emergence of autoimmune disorders. This review article discusses the disease classification and relevant causes, including environmental, biological, and genetic factors. Additionally, it explores certain mechanisms where the T-regulatory cells fail and lead to disease development. The article delves into the etiology to illustrate how autoimmune diseases could develop in a person as well as therapeutic approaches are also discussed. With the development of multiplex technologies, it is easier to detect autoantibodies in blood while cytokines and chemokines can give a breakthrough in diagnosis and novel therapeutics for these diseases.

Keywords: Autoimmune disease, T-regulatory cells, B-regulatory cells, autoantibodies, X inactivation

Shanti Narayanappa Koppala, Vaishnavi Guruprasad. Overview of Autoimmunity: Classification, Disease Mechanisms, and Etiology. Turk J Immunol. 2023; 11(3): 93-105

Corresponding Author: Shanti Narayanappa Koppala, India
Manuscript Language: English
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